Roofing Systems

Roofing systems are any buildings first defence from the elements, and therefore must be robust and watertight. At Walker Cladding Limited we also acknowledge that every roofing project does not have a ‘one-fit-all’ system solution, and that is why we excel across numerous metal based pitched roof systems from standing seam to composite panel systems, as well as incorporating membrane systems for flat roofs.

Standing Seam

standing_seamStanding seam is a high performance and versatile roofing system which offers excellent whole life costs. Flexible and lightweight, capable of being installed to low pitches, the systems performance is enhanced by advanced fixing methods utilising non-penetrative halters with no end laps which ensures total weather protection.

Site-roll forming allows lengths in excess of 140 metres, formability allows the product to be curved, tapered or formed in a combination of both allowing design freedom for architects. A wide range of thicknesses, profiles, colours, coatings and finishes are available, with aluminium forming a large majority of applications, thus maximising design life through superior durability and corrosion resistence.

Composite Panels

composite_panelsComposite roof and wall panels are ideal for industrial and commercial projects where long panel lengths ensure fast and economical installation. Composite wall panels are available in flat, micro-ribbed and profiled variations and can be combined to create an interesting blend of profiles.

Composite panels are robust and durable products, and through automated and continuous manufacturing ensures continuity of quality, structural integrity and uninterrupted insulation coverage, eliminating cold bridging.

Panels are available in a wide range of coatings, finishes and insulation core thicknesses.

Built up Roofing

builtup_roofingSite assembled built-up roofing is a budget roofing and cladding system which can be offered as a cost efficient solution on industrial buildings.

Similar to standing seam, but employing a trapezoidal or sinusoidal external profile, this roofing system offers all the benefits of non-combustibility, with speed of liner installation to create a watertight roof, allowing earlier starts for internal trades.

The systems are adaptable and can be tailored to achieve a variety of u-values using conventional spacer systems.

Profiles are available in a wide range of thicknesses, coatings and finishes.

Single Ply Membranes

single_ply_membranesSingle ply membrane roofing offers flexibility and design freedom and can be used to achieve complex roof shapes.

Single ply membranes are available in either pvc or flexible polyolefine (FPO) and can be either mechanically fixed or adhered depending on the requirements of the project, for example speed of installation or aesthetics.

Safe, flame free installation, using hot air welding techniques, cold applied adhesives or fasteners provides a health and safety benefit.

Membrane system are suitable for flat roofing, but are also widely used in pitched roofing systems, and can be enhanced using aesthetic fins to create a standing seam or traditional appearance.


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